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Last updated on 30 June 2021, 11.45am

Research Ongoing Projects

Sl No. Name of Researcher/Researchers Research Topic
1 Dr. Jijo Joseph John
Dr. Aby Dany Varghese
Diagnostic efficacy of clinical predictive scores in differentiating
between Bacterial and Viral Pharyngitis in Children.
2 Dr. Jijo Joseph John Microbial contamination of mobile phones among doctors and
health care workers in intensive care.
3 Dr.Geethu Mathew
Dr.Aby Dany Varghese
Sleep hygiene among adolescent school children in an urban
area of kerala, A cross sectional study
4 Dr. Girija Mohan,
Dr. Ajitha Kumari,
Dr. Jijo Joseph John,
Mr.Riju Mathew
Low Haemoglobin Density for detecting Iron Deficiency
Anaemia in Early Childhood.
5 Dr. Ajithakumari N
Dr. Dahlia joseph
Diagnostic efficacy of FNAC along with assay of thyroid
hormones and thyroid peroxidase antibodies in chronic
6 Dr.Sunil Raj
Dr.Girija Mohan
Dr.Ajitha Kumari
Dr.Jomon V Thomas
Diagnostic efficacy of Total WBC counts, Absolute neutrophil
count, Neutrophil VCS parameters and CRP to distinguish
between Bacterial & Viral infections in febrile children
7 Dr.Anita George
Dr. Sharon Mariam Philip
Dr. Indra N
Impact of sedimentary and dietary behavior on body
composition, physical fitness and academic performance.
8 Dr. Stephen Mathew
Dr. Jency Maria Kosy
Dr.Sujith Varghese Abraham
9 Dr.Renu Mathew
Risk factors for acquiring multidrug resistant bacteria in patients
admitted to ICU.
9 Dr.R Suresh Kumar Evaluation of Lipid Profile in the Off springs of patients with coronary artery disease
10 Dr. Uma Subramanian Estimation of the prevalence of functional deficiency of Folic
acid, vitamin B12 and related risk factors in healthy adult
population in kerala.
11 Dr.Reena Anie Jose Seroprevalence of scrub Thypus Among Febrile patients in a
Tertiary care Centre, Kerala
12 Dr.Deepa Rajan Comparison of Prophylactic techniques to reduce recurrence
following vaginal hysterectomy performed for stage 2 and
higher prolapse
13 Dr.Sunitha Mary Mathew A comparative study of office endometrial biopsy with D & C for evaluation of abnormal uterine bleeding.
14 Dr.George Chandy To study the effectiveness of Noninvasive markers in the detection of hepatic Fibrosis
15 Dr.Jacob Jesurun R S Effectiveness of image based power point presentations versus
animated videos in teaching mechanisms of action of drugs to second
MBBS students
16 Dr.Shaji Koshy Evaluation of a new technique using a reticle and fundus contact lens in quantitating optic nerve head size
17 Dr.Sheila Das Laboratory assessment of automated reticulocyte parameters in anaemia
18 Dr.Tinu Philip Knowledge, attitude and practices regarding cervical cancer screening
and HPV vaccination in qualified health care professionals and
health care support staff in a tertiary level hospital : A Cross Sectional
19 Dr.Abel K Samuel Mathew Pattern of food groups in packed lunches among school children of Konni block
20 Dr.Abel K Samuel Mathew Effectiveness of treatment support group on treatment compliance in Thiruvalla and Ranni TU of Pathanamthitta district
21 Dr. Aby Dany Varghese and
Dr. Geethu Mathew
Awareness regarding nipah infection among health care workers and

medical students in a medical college hospital in Kerala

22 Dr.Shaliet Rose Sebastian What is the impact of a Structured Secondary Hospital Based Training
during the first phase of clinical exposure, among undergraduate
medical students? – a cross sectional study’
23 Dr.Reily Ann Ivan Predictive power of squash and imprint smear cytology in solid and cystic ovarian tumors
24 Shabna(Nutrition dept) Nutrition and health profile of reproductive age women (18-45) with polycystic ovarian syndrome
25 Sithara MC (Nutrition dept) Health profile assessment and nutritional intervention for geriatrics

Completed Projects

Sl No. Name of Researcher/Researchers Research Topic
1 Dr. Anulekha Mary John
Dr. Jibily joy
Dr. Sherin Sarah Mathew
Study of effectiveness of Levothyroxine with herbal drinks
2 Dr. Jency Maria Koshy Awareness of dengue fever among the patients and their
relatives attending a tertiary care Hospital in Central Travancore.
3 Dr. Jency Maria Koshy Patterns and outcome of tuberculosis at a tertiary care institution in central India
4 Dr. Sivasuthan S Awareness of 3 rd semester MBBS students; regarding the Medico
legal issues in our society and the Need for Training in Forensic
medicine- A descriptive cross sectional study.”
5 Dr. Sunil Raj Characteristics of an effective medical teacher and the influence
of medical education training programs – A faculty perspective
6 Anju Murali (Dietry) Awareness of nutrition in Hemodialysis patients’
7 Radhika (Dietry) Awareness of nutrition in Gestational diabetes patients
8 Dr. Roshin Mary Varkey Awareness of physical therapeutic procedures for low back pain
in medical staff working in a tertiary care hospital


Sl No. Name Study Title
1 Abel K Samuel Pattern Of Food Groups In Packed Lunches Among School Children Of Konni Block
2 Abel K Samuel Johnson Effectiveness Of Treatment Support Group On Treatment Compliance In Thiruvalla And Ranni TU Of Pathanamthitta District
3 Abel K Samuel Johnson Post Flood Audit Of Leptospirosis Cases Following Massive Prophylaxis With Community Participation In Central Kerala, India
4 Aby Dany Mobile Phone Dependence And Its Association With Sleep Quality And Academic Performance Among Adolescents Of Kottayam District, Kerala
5 Aby Dany Tuberculosis Contact Screening Isoniazid Preventive Therapy And Its Associated Factors Among Pediatric Contacts In Pathanamthitta District Of Kerala
6 Aby Dany Prevalence Of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder And Factors Associated With It In Primary School Children In An Urban Area In Kerala
7 Aby Dany Impact Of Social Media In Medical Education Before And During Covid 19 In Medical College In Central Kerala
8 Aby Dany Cross Sectional Study On Timely Immunization Compliance Among Children Aged 1 To 10 Years During Covid 19 Pandemic In A Randomly Selected PHC In Kollam District
9 Aby Dany Varghese Awareness Regarding NIPAH Infection Among Health Care Workers And Medical Students In A Medical College Hospital In Kerala
10 Aby Dany Varghese The Impact Of Covid -19 On Medical Education
11 Aiwa Sabu New Onset Atrial Fibrillation And Its Determinants In A Multidisciplinary Critical Care Unit
12 Aji Mathew Association Between Extent Of Small Airway Diseases And Night Time Awakening In A Tertiary Care Center In South India
13 Ajitha Kumari Comparison Of Results Of Tele-Reporting Of Digitally Scanned Histopathology Slides On Universal Scanner (AI100) With Results Of Manual Microscopy In The Reporting Of Neoplastic/Non Neoplastic Conditions In Cervical Cytology
14 Ajitha Kumari Comparison Of Results Of Tele-Reporting Of Digitally Scanned PAP Smears On Universal Scanner (AI100) With Results Of Manual Microscopy In The Reporting Of Neoplastic And Non Neoplastic Conditions In Cervical Cytology
15 Ajitha Kumari Comparison Of Results Of Tele-Reporting Of Digitally Scanned Cytology Smears On Universal Scanner (AI100) With Results Of Manual Microscopy In The Reporting Of Neoplastic And Non Neoplastic Conditions In Cervical Cytology
16 Ajithakumari Fine Needle Aspiration Of Thyroid As A Screening Test- Diagnostic Accuracy, Discrepancies And Pitfalls- Study Of 1175 Patients In A Tertiary Care Centre
17 Ajithakumari K The Possible Role Of H Pylori In Major Gastro Esophageal Junction Lesions
18 Alice David Triple Biomarkers In The Diagnosis Of & Prognosis Of Severe Acute Respiratory Infection (SARI)
19 Anil Kumar Factors Affecting Access To Care Within The Therapeutic Window After Acute Ischemic Stroke
20 Anil Thomas Clinical Profile And Outcome Of Patients With Leptospirosis At A Tertiary Care Institute In Central Kerala
21 Anish Bhanu Safety And Effectiveness Of Colistin In The Treatment Of Multidrug Resistant Gram Negative Bacilli
22 Anita George Impact Of Sedentary And Dietary Behavior On Body Composition, Physical Fitness And Academic Performance
23 Anita George Impact Of Peer Coaching On Performance And Academic Behavior Confidence Of First Year Medical Students
24 Anju Elsa Thomas Family Member Education And Anxiety Reduction In Acute Stroke & Myocardial Infarction In The Emergency Dpartment
25 Ann Mariam Varghese Duplication Of Antibiotic Spectrum- Double Anaerobic Coverage With Metronidazle And Other Broad Spectrum Antibiotics
26 Anna Mani Prevalence Of ARB And ACE Inhibitors Induced Hyponatremia Among Hospitalized Patients
27 Anu Marie Peter Screen Media Use And Association With Language Delay In Children Aged 1-5 Years
28 Anulekha John Study On The Effectiveness Of Levothyroxine When Co-Administered With Herbal Drinks
29 Anulekha John To Study The Effect Of High Dose Vitamin C Supplementation In Preventing Or Ameliorating SARS Cov 2 Infection Among Adults
30 Anulekha John Clinical Effect Of Catechin On Thyroid Function Tests Of Thyroid Immunity In Normal Healthy Human Volunteers: A Quasi Experimental Study
31 Anulekha M John Living With Your Partner’s Diabetes Role Of Spouse In A Patient With Diabetes Mellitus
32 Anulekha M John A Study Of Awareness About Osteoporosis, Dietary Calcium, Dairy Intake And Misconceptions Among Educated Postmenopausal Women Of Kerala
33 Anulekha Mary John Prevalence Of Depressive Symptoms And Its Association With Self-Care, Medication Adherence And Preventive Control In Diabetic Patients- A Cross Sectional Study At A Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital In South Kerala
34 Anulekha Mary John Determining Free T4 Refernce Range And Cut Off Values In Normal Neonates Of A Tertiary Level Centre In Central Kerala
35 Arun Sachu Time To Positivity Of Blood Cultures Causing Candidemia And Its Relation To Mortality
36 Arun Sachu Prevalence And Antimicrobial Susceptibility Pattern Of Stool Pathogens In Patients Presenting With Diarrhea In A Tertiary Care Centre In South India
37 Arun Sachu Ceftaroline Susceptibility Among Isolates Of MRSA.Comparison Of EUCAST And CLSI Breakpoints.
38 Arun Sachu Evaluation Of Fosfomycin Susceptibility Among MDR –Uropathogensin A Tertiary Care Hospital
39 Arun Sachu Evaluation Of Chromogenic Agar Medium.Can It Be A Suitable Alternative Toconventional Culture System Foridentification Of Uropathogens
40 Arun Sachu Ceftazidime-Avibactam Susceptibility Against Carbapenem Resistant Enterobacteriaciae And Pseudomonas Species
41 Arun Sachu Evaluation Of Galactomannan Assay In Diagnosing Invasive Aspergillosis
42 Arun Thomas Randomized Control Trial On Ultra Filtration Profiling In Critically Ill Patients Undergoing Intermittent Hemodialysis Based On Inferior Venacava Collapsibility Index
43 Asha P Punnoose Prevalence Of Different Histologic Types Of Colorectal Polyps And Its Association With Age, Sex, Site, Size. Clinical Features And Synchronous Colorectal Malignancy
44 Asha P Punnoose Histopathological Evaluation Of Lesions Of Appendix: A Cross-Sectional Study
45 Ashok Mathew Knowledge, Attitude & Practice Of Ambulance Drivers Of Pathanamthitta
46 Ashok Mathew First Responder Training
47 Aswathy Krishnan Impact Of COVID19 Pandemic On Patient & Care Givers In ER
48 Athira M.S Physiological Effect Of Vestibular Exercise And Yoga In Metabolic Parameters And Anthropometry In Diabetic Patients
49 Athulya Vilayil Jayadevan Identifying The Primary Cause For The TAT Delay In COVID RT-PCR Sample Collection In The Emergency Department
50 Bincy Baby
John K John
Impact Of Coronavirus Disease 2019(COVID-19) Pandemic On Patients With Primary Headache- A Questionnaire Based Survey
51 Binson V A VOC Analysis Of Exhaled Breath For The Detection Of Pulmonary Diseases
52 Blessy Mary Thomas Laboratory Assessment Of Automated Reticulocyte Parameters In Anemia
53 Boney Mathew Koshy Accuracy Of Point Of Care Ultrasound In Detecting Long Bone Fractures
54 Charles Abraham
Nithin Thomas
Radiological Factors Affecting Proximal Humerus Fractures Treated With PHILOS Plate, A Cross-Sectional Study
55 Chepsy C Philip Validation Of AI100 Powered By SHONIT For The AI Based Analysis Of Peripheral Blood Smears- A Comparison Of The Results Of The WBC Differential Count, RBC Morphology And Platelet Morphology Obtained On AI100 Versus Results On Hematology Analyzer And Manual Microscopy On Peripheral Blood Smears
56 Chepsy C Philip A Comparison Of The Results Of WBC Differential Counts On The Bone Marrow Aspirate Smears Obtained On Ai100 Powered By AI With Results Of Manual Microscopic Examination Of Bone Marrow Aspirates
57 Chepsy C Philip A Comparison Of The Results Of WBC Differential Counts Obtained Through Manual Microscopy On Microfluidics Chamber Slides With The Results Of Telereporting On Images Scanned By AI100 Powered By AI
58 Chepsy C Philip Registry
59 Chepsy C Philip Care Of Patients With Hemato-Lymphoid Diseases During Covid: Challenges And Difficulties Faced By Non-Covid Patients In Accessing Health Care
60 Chitra V Evaluation Of The Impact Of A Palliative Care Resourcetoolkit For COVID 19 For Low And Middle Incomecountries (Lmics): A Mixed Methods Study
61 Chitra Venkateswaran ICMR-Center For Advanced Research & Excellence In Palliative Care
62 Chitra Venkateswaran Assessment Of Palliative Care Needs For Chronic Diseases In Urban And Rural Areas Of Kerala: A Cross Sectional Study
63 Chitra Venkateswaran Mental Health And Social Stigma Among Healthcare Personnel Involved In The Management Of Covid-19 Patients In India
64 Chitra Venkateswaran Mental Health And Social Stigma Among Nurses Involved In The Management Of Covid-19 In India
65 Cleetus C C Role Of Selected Bradykinins, Micro RNA Modulating Bradykinin Storm And Circulating ACE2 As Biomarkers In Predicting Disease Outcome In COVID-19 Patients Using Machine Learning Models
66 Dahlia Joseph Diagnostic Efficacy Of FNAC Along With Assay Of Thyroid Hormones And Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies In Chronicthyroiditis
67 Deepa Pillai Effect Of 2 Techniques Used In Combination During TLH In Previously Scarred Uterus(LSCS)
68 Deepa Rajan BMI For Age And Stress On Menstrual Patterns In Adolescent Girls
69 Deepa Rajan Comparison Of Prophylactic Measures For Reducing Recurrence Of Prolapsed After Vaginal Hysterectomy Performed For Stage 2 And Higher Prolapse In A Tertiary Centre In South India- A 2 Year Follow-Up
70 E T Arun Thomas Quality Of Life In Hemodialysis Patients
71 Elizabeth James Potential Risk Factors Of Myeloma In Central Kerala
72 Elizabeth James Estimation Of The Prevalence Of Nutritional Anemia And Its Associated Predictors In An Apparently Normal Cohort
73 Geethu Mathew Sleep Hygiene Among Adolescent School Children In An Urban Area Of Kerala, A Cross Sectional Study
74 Geethu Mathew Program Evaluation Of Cop Program At BCMC-A Quantitative Analysis Of Student Feedback And Qualitative Analysis Of Student Reflections On Their Learning
75 Geethu Mathew Assessment Of Flood Related Experiences And Screening For Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Among Flood Affected Adolescents Of Alappuzha District, Kerala
76 Geethu Mathew Stress Reaction, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder And Coping Strategies Among Flood Victims Of Kerala-A Mixed Method Study
77 Geethu Mathew A Longitudinal Study To Assess The Costs Incurred By Patients Diagnosed With Tuberculosis In Pathanamthitta District, Kerala
78 Geethu Mathew Community Based Prevalence, Screening For Warning Signs And Risk Factors Of Cancer In Pathanamthitta District, Kerala
79 Geethu Mathew Community Based Needs Assessment And Intervention With Intersectoral Collaboration For Care Of Destitute People In Pathanamthitta District
80 Geethu Mathew Revisions In RNTCP Guidelines – Boon Or Bane? A Qualitative Study Exploring Facilitators And Barriers Among Healthcare Workers
81 Geethu Mathew SCOPE TRIAL- A Health Promotion Intervention To Improve Quality Of Life Of Elderly People Of Pathanamthitta District, Kerala
82 Geethu Mathew Clinical Profile And Risk Factors Of Covid-19 In Kerala
83 Geethu Mathew Effective Implementation Of Reverse Quarantine Strategy Using Novel M Health Technology And Community Participation For Contril And Prevention Of Covid- 19: A Pilot Study
84 Geethu Mathew A Study On Experience Of Volunteers Working At The Corona Cell During COVID-19 Outbreak, In Pathanamthitta District
85 Geethu Mathew Perception Towards Strategies Adopted By Government For COVID-19 Control – An Internet Based Study
86 Geethu Mathew Effects Of Covid-19 Pandemic On Mental Health
87 Geethu Mathew Modifiable Lifestyle Risk Factors For Non-Communicable Diseases Among Adolescents
88 Geethu Mathew Study To Assess The Financial Stability Of The Population Amidst Covid-19 Pandemic
89 Geethu Mathew A Study To Assess The Impact And Effectiveness Of Maintenance & Welfare Of Patients &Senior Citizens Act Through Private Public Partnership In Kerala
90 Geomcy George High Resolution Sonography Alone With Mammography In Women Aged 40-60 Years
91 George M Chandy Lifestyle Effects On Colorectal Cancer In Men
92 George Thomas Surface Marked With Ultrasound And FNAB, A Novel Technique, In Comparison With Routine FNAB;For Thyroid/Neck Swellings, A Cheaper Alternative To Ultrasound FNAB
93 Girija Mohan Diagnostic Efficacy Of An Algorithm Approach Using Complete Blood Count (CBC) And Chr (Reticulocyte Hb Content) To Detect Occult Iron Deficieny In Children Aged 6-24 Months
94 Girija Mohan Knowledge, Attitude &Practice Among Healthcare Workers On Personal Protective Equipment During The Covid-19 Pandemic
95 Gloria Varghese A Study On Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy And Foot Care Practices In Central Kerala
96 Grace Mary John ICMR- RUMC COVID-19 Study For The Assessment Of Prophylaxis For Health Care Workers
97 Ike Thomas Effect Of Spaced Fluticasone Intranasal Therapy As A Treatment Of Allergic Rhinitis Over Continuous Fluticasone Intranasal Therapy
98 Indira N Association Of Sleep Quality With Stress Among Medical Students- A Cross Sectional Study
99 Irene Mary Jacob Comparison Of Self-Medication Pattern Of Antibiotics, Analgesics And Antihistamines Between Medical Students Formally Trained In Pharmacology Training And Those Not Trained
100 Jacob Jesurun Effectiveness Of Image Based Power Point Presentations Versus Animated Videos In Teaching Mechanisms Of Action Of Drugs To Second MBBS Students
101 Jathin Sam Thekkethil Risk Factors Of Ototoxicity With Anitbiotic Therapy In Intensive Care Units In A Tertiary Care Hospital
102 Jency M Koshy Awareness Of Dengue Fever Among The Patients And Their Relatives Attending A Tertiary Care Hospital In Central Travancore
103 Jency M Koshy Patterns And Outcome Of Tuberculosis At A Tertiary Care Institution In Central India
104 Jency Maria Koshy Quality Of Life Assessment Of Long Covid-19
105 Jerene Mathews Prevalence Of Hand Eczema Among Healthcare Workers During COVID-19 Outbreak: A Retrospective Cohort Study
106 Jerene Mathews Risk-Factors And Protective- Factors For Paedrus Dermatitis Among Residents Of The Ladies’ Hostel: A Cross-Sectional Study
107 Jerene Mathews Alternative Medicine In Skin Disease: A Descriptive Study
108 Jijo Joseph Clinical Profile And Association Of Various Infections With Mesentric Lymphadenitis In Children
109 Jijo Joseph John Diagnostc Efficacy Of Clinical Predictive Scores In Differentiating Between Bacterial And Viral Pharyngitis In Children
110 Jijo Joseph John Microbial Contamination Of Mobile Phones Among Doctors And Health-Care Workers In Intensive Care.
111 Jijo Joseph John Effect Of Screen Time In Children Aged 0 To 5 Years
112 Joel D Mathew Pragmatic Multicentre Factorial Randomized Control Trials Testing Measures To Reduce Surgical Site Infection In Low And Middle Income Countries(FALCON Trials)
113 John K John A Rare Variant Of Meningioma- Case Report And Review Of Literature
114 Joji Joshua Philipose Awareness Of Physical Therapeutic Procedures For Low Back Pain In Medical Staff Working In A Tertiary Care Hospital
115 Josephine Valsa Jose Cost Of Illness & Quality Of Life Among Patients With End Stage Renal Disease Undergoing Regular Hemodialysis In A Tertiary Care Hospital
116 Josephine Valsa Pattern Of Use Of Preventive Medicines Against COVID19 Among Medical Jose Students.
117 Josephine Valsa Jose Study On People's Attitude And Perception Towards Covid 19 Vaccine
118 Josna Teny Panangattu
Jency Maria Koshy
Spectrum Of Urinary Tract Infection In A Tertiary Care Center
119 Jyothi Krishnan Impact Of Nutrition Intervention On The Symptoms Of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Among Women Of Reproductive Age(18-45 Years)
120 Jyothi S Krishnan Nutrition & Health Profile Of Reproductive Age Women(18-45) Attending Gynecology Outpatient Department
121 Jyothi S Krishnan Health Profile Assessment And Nutritional Intervention For Geriatrics
122 Jyothy S Awareness Of Nutrition In Hemodialysis Patients
123 Jyothy S Awareness Of Nutrition In Gestational Diabetes Patients
124 Karthikeya Raman Reddy A Clinical Study Of Non- Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease In Patients With Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus
125 Koshy M Cherian Assessment Of Squalor In Migrant Settlement Colonies Of Thiruvalla Using LOT Quality Assurance Sampling Technique
126 Krishna R Gopal Validation Of True NAT With Microscopy And Culture For Case Detection Of Extra Pulmonary Tuberculosis In A Tertiary Care Center
127 Kuruvila P Chacko Drug Use Pattern Among Pregnant Women In A Tertiary Care Hospital
128 Lekshmi Sudev Seroprevalence Of Toxoplasma Gondii Among Healthy Voluntary Blood Donors In A Tertiary Care Centre In Kerala. Is There A Need To Revisit The National Guidelines?
129 Linda Jacob Study On Adverse Events Following Immunization Of Chadox1(Covishield) Vaccine In Healthcare Workers
130 Luanne Mathew Very Low Dose Ketamine As An Analgesic In Ureteric Colic In Emergency Room
131 Luke Mathew Effectiveness Of Patient Counseling In The Use Of Metered Dose Inhaler
132 Lydia J Dengue Fever And Dyselectrolytemia
133 Lynn Elizabeth Thomas The Effect Of Meal Supplementation And Educational Support Provided To School Going Children At Various ‘Bridge Of Hope’ Facilities In India
134 Mahima Mariam Thomas Vitamin B12 Levels In Diabetic Patients On Long Term Metformin
135 Manju Rose Jose Population Pharmacokinetics Study Of Colistin In Critically Ill Patients- A Prospective Study
136 Manoj K Gopinath Impact Of Early Detection Of Delirium Training Program For The Staff Of Orthopaedics Ward.
137 Marina Rajan Joseph Knowledge, Attitude & Behavior Of Pediatricians In Adverse Event Following Immunization Surveillance In Kerala, India
138 Mary Raju Role Of Liver Injury In Predicting Severity Of Dengue
139 Mary Raju The Utility Of Reactive Lymphocyte Percentage In Predicting Severity In Dengue
140 Mary Raju CD 117 Expression In Breast Neoplasm
141 Mathew S K New Corrigan’s Sign-Prominent Carotid Pulsations- A Sign Of Systemic Hypertension
142 Mohan Varghese Insulin Resistance In Patients With Normal BMI And Obesity
143 Mohan Varghese Glycemic Variability In Uncontrolled Diabetics
144 Mohan Varghese Evaluation Of Mentoring Programme For Insulin Taking Techniques For Geriatric Diabetic Patients
145 Mohan Varghese Effect Of Bacteriostatic Drugs On Mortality Reduction In Patients With Leptospirosis
146 Neerja K Suresh Effectiveness Of Nurse Education And Display Materials In Spreading Cough Etiquette Maneuvers Among Respiratory Patients Admitted In A Tertiary Care Hospital
147 Nishanth Babu Awareness Of BLS Among H.S.S School Students
148 Nithin Thomas Philip Do Radiological Measurements Corresponding Functional Outcome For Fracture Of Distal Radius? – A Cross Sectional Study
149 Patsy Varghese Menstrual Irregularities And Associated Factors Among Medical Students
150 Philip Finny A Systematic Study Of The Extent Of Glucocorticoid Use And Misuse In Rural Konni Panchayat And A Look Into Its Association With Prevailing Lifestyle Diseases.
151 Philip Finny Audit Of Glucocorticoid Sales Between Institution-Based-Parmacies And Others- An Indirect Approach To Assess Their Use And Misuse In A Town Of Kerala
152 Philip Finny A Descriptive Study Of Elderly Patients With Hyponatremia In A Tertiary Hospital In Kerala
153 Philip Mathew Effect Of Implementation Of Serial Procalcitonin Measure On Antimicrobial Therapy In The Critically Ill
154 Philip Mathew Common Causes Responsible For Hyponatremia Among Elderly Admitted In ICU In A Tertiary Care Centre In South India
155 Philip Umman Social And Behavioral Factors Associated With Urinary Tract Infection
15 Philip Umman Surgical Management Of Pilonidal Sinus With Special Emphasis On Limberg Flap
157 Pramod Thomas A Study On Social, Economic, Psychological And Medical Burden Among Flood Victims During And After The Disaster
158 Praveen Chacko Dual Antiplatelet Therapy Induced Gastro Intestinal Bleeding Among Patients With Acute Coronary Syndrome In A Tertiary Care Hospital
159 Raghavannair
Suresh Kumar
Hybrid Pulmonary Arterioplasty In An Infant
160 Reena Anie Jose Seroprevalence Of Scrub Typhus In Patients Presenting With Undifferentiated Acute Febrile Illness In A Tertiary Care Centre , Kerala
161 Reena Anie Jose Surveillance Of Multidrug-Resistant, Extensively Drug-Resistant And Pandrug- Resistant Organisms For The Healthcare Facilities Using Automated Antimicrobial Susceptibility System- A Large Scale National Multicentric Study
162 Reily Ann Ivan Predictive Power Of Squash And Imprint Smear Cytology In Solid And Cystic Ovarian Tumors
163 Rekha G Muricken Risk Factors Associated With Postpartum Depression In Kerala
164 Renu Mathew Evaluation Of The Performance Of Universal Scanner In The Grading Of Acid- Fast Bacilli On Smears Made From Sputum, Pus, Urine Or Culture Samples When Compared With Results Of Manual Microscopy
165 Renu Mathew Evaluation Of The Performance Of Universal Scanner In The Grading Of Bacteria On Gram Stains Smears Made From Sputum, Pus, Urine Or Culture Samples When Compared With Results Of Manual Microscopy
166 Reny Joseph Determinants Of Exclusive Breast Feeding Among Infants In Kerala- A Cross Sectional Study
167 Riju Mathew Comparison Of Noninvasive Serum Markers In Hepatic Fibrosis And Cirrhosis
168 Riju Mathew Clinical Significance Of Small Dense Ldl (Sd LDL) In Type 2 Diabetic Patients
169 Riya Ann Tom Prognostic Study Of Immunohistochemical Expression Of PDL-1 In Colorectal Cancer
170 Rose Sebastian Epidemiology Of Non Communicable Disease Using World Helath Organization’s Steps Approach: A Population Based Study
171 Sandra Eliza Mathew A Study On Quality Of Life And Potential Risk Factors In Patients With Dermatophytosis
172 Sangeetha Jithin
Anulekha George
Assessment Of Intolerance To Uncertainty Amidst Covid-19 Amnong Medical Professionals Using Intolerance Of Uncertainty Scale(IUS)
173 Sangeetha Jithin A Study On Cognitive Impairment In Diabetes Mellitus-A Community Based Comparative Study
174 Sangeetha Jithin Knowledge, Attitude And Practice Of Covid-19 - A Rapid Quantitative Survey
175 Sangeetha Jithin Impact Of Lockdown On Physical And Mental Health
176 Sangeetha Jithin Evaluation Of Sero-Conversion In Covid 19Vaccine Beneficiaries
177 Sangeetha Jithin Covid 19 Vaccine Adverse Events Following Immunization (AEFI) In Elderly Population
178 Sangeetha Merin Varghese Outbreak Investigation Of Hepatitis B
179 Sangeetha Merin Varghese Validation Of Rapid Diagnostic Tests And Its Adoption In India-Need Of The Hour
180 Sangeetha Merrin Varghese Association Between Total Severity Score Of Chest Computerised Tomography And Cycle Threshold Values Of Sars Cov-2 Rt-Pcr In Patients With Covid 19.
181 Satish Thomas Causes And Management Of Small Pupil In Cataract Surgery
182 Satish Thomas Evaluation Of Drishti-An AI Based System Against Manual Annotations Done By Ophthalmologists For Diabetic Retinopathy Diagnostic
183 Satish Thomas Evaluation Of Drishti-Galucoma For Optic Disc Parameters Against The Manual Marking By Ophthalmologists In Digital Fundus Images
184 Shaji P Koshy Evaluation Of New Technique Using A Reticle And Fundus Contact Lens In Qualifying Optic Nerve Head Size.
185 Shaliet Rose A Descriptive Study On Prevalence Of Phantom Vibration And Phantom Ringing Among Undergraduate MBBS Students And Its Association With Perceived Stress And Smart Phone Addiction In Thriuvalla
186 Shaliet Rose Epidemiology Of Non Communicable Diseases Using WHO STEPS Approach: A Population Based Study
187 Shaliet Rose Prevalence Of Problematic Gaming Among Medical Students In Central Kerala
188 Shaliet Rose What Is The Impact Of A Structured Secondary Hospital Based Training During The First Phase Of Clinical Exposure, Among Undergraduate Medical Students?
189 Shaliet Rose Sebastian Impact Of An Organized Model Of Waste Management System And Community Mobilization On Household Waste Disposal Practices
190 Shaliet Rose Sebastian Effectiveness Of Early Community Exposure In Medical Education Using Kirkpatrick’s Evaluation Framework: A Mixed Method Study
191 Shaliet Rose Sebastian An Observational Study On The Impact Of Post Covid-19 Lockdown On Everyday Life In Kerala: A Community Perspective
192 Shaliet Rose Sebastian Epidemiological Profile Of Empathy Among Youth:A Comparative Study Among Medical And Non-Medical Undergraduates In Kerala
193 Shaliet Rose Sebastian A Study On Prevalence And Determinants Of Consulting Dr. Google Before Consulting A Doctor Among The Adults Attending A Tertiary Care Hospital In Central Kerala.
194 Sheila Das Evaluation Of Anemia In Geriatric Patients In A Tertiary Level Healthcare Centre In Central Kerala
195 Sheila Das Hematologic Complications In Covid-19 : Study From BCMCH Kerala
196 Sherin Alexander Efficacy Of Warfarin Therapy Among Patients With Dietary Consumption Of Mung Beans(Vigna Radiata)
197 Sherin Alexander Assessment Of Medication Adherence And Recurrence Of Symptoms In Patients With Cld During Lockdown Period
198 Sherin Mathew Association Of Social Anxiety Disorder & Self Esteem Among Elderly Admitted In ICU In A Tertiary Care Centre In South India
199 Sherin Saji Self-Prescribing Of Antibiotics By Ambulatory Patients Seeking Care In Indian Emergency Departments
200 Sherin Susan Abraham Microbiological Profile Of Secondary Pneumonia In Covid-19 Patients
201 Sivasuthan S Awareness Of 3 rd Semester MBBS Students Regarding The Medico Legal Issues In Our Society And The Need For Training In Forensic Medicine- A Descriptive Cross Sectional Study
202 Sony Punnen Thomas Use Of Vark Questionnaire To Assess The Distribution Of Learning Modalities In First And Second Year MBBS Students
203 Sony Punnen Thomas Association Of Level Thrombocytophenia With Clinical Bleeding In Dengue Patients In A Tertiary Care Centre In South India
204 Sony Thomas Association Of Clinical Characteristics Of Covid 19 With Hematological And Inflammatory Parameters
205 Stephen Mathew Risk Factors Of Acquiring Multidrug-Resistant Bacteria In Patients Admitted To The ICU
206 Subaida M R A Comparison Of The Measured And Calculated LDL Cholesterol In The Non-Fasting Samples Of The Patients Attending A Private Tertiary Care Hospital In Urban Kerala
207 Subaida M R Validation Of Sigtuple AI100 Powered By SHRAVA In Categorizing Urine Sediments Vis-À-Vis Urine Analyzer And Manual Microscopy On Wet Mouth And Microfluidics
208 Sujin Mariam Philip Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome In Children-Clinical Features And Treatment Side Effects
209 Sumi Lukose A Study To Assess The Degree Of Blindness And Its Causative Factors Among Patients Attending The Out-Patient Department Of A Tertiary Care Centre
210 Sumin Jacob Patient Expectations And Overall Understanding Of Services On Presentation To Emergency Department
211 Sunil Anthony Rapid Assessment Of The Risk Of Diabetes Using The IDRS
212 Sunil Raj Diagnostic Efficacy Of Total WBC Counts, Absolute Neutrophil Count, Neutrophil VCS Parameters And CRP To Distinguish Between Bacterial & Viral Infections In Febrile Children
213 Sunil Raj Charactersitics Of An Effective Medial Teacher And The Influence Of Medical Education Training Programs- A Faculty Perspective
214 Sunit Varghese Thomas Immunohistochemical Expression Of Cyclin D1 In Invasive Breast Carcinoma And Its Association With Other Hormonal Markers And Prognosis
215 Sunitha Mary A Comparative Study Of Office Endometrial Biopsy With D&C For Evaluation Of AUB
216 Suresh H Passiddhi Assessment Of Nutritional Status In Cirrhosis And Its Impact On Complications
217 Suresh Kumar R Evaluation Of Lipid Profile In The Offspring Of Patients With Coronary Artery Disease-A Pilot Study
218 Thomas Antony Clinical Profile And Outcome Of Severe Dengue Admitted In ICU/HDU
219 Tina Thomas Fungal Rhinosinusitis -A Clinical, Pathological And Radiologic Study
220 Tinu Philip Knowledge, Aptitude And Practices Regarding Cervical Cancer Screening And HPV Vaccination In Qualified Health Care Professionals And Health Care Support Staff In A Tertiary Care Hospital: A Cross Sectional Study.
221 Tinu Philip Association Of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome And Gestational Diabetes Mellitus
222 Tribeni Range Of Procalcitonin In Sepsis
223 Uma Subrahmaniam Estimation Of The Prevalence Of Functionaldeficiency Of Folic Acid, Vit B12 And Related Risk Factors In Healthy Adults
224 Vinod Pillai Analgesic Efficacy Of Verres Needle Guided Tap Block(Vtap) In Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy- A Retrospective Cohort Study
225 Vinod Pillai Evaluation Of Verres Needle Guided Tap Block(Vtap) For Early Postoperative Analgesia In Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy – A Double Blind Randomized Controlled Trial
226 Vinod Pillai Educational Utility Of Indian Laparoscopic Surgery Communities On Social Media
227 Vishnu Menon Trends In ER During Covid-19 Pandemic
228 Vrinda Mariyam Lukose Role Of Lung Ultrasound Predicting The Severity Of Bronchitis In Children In A Tertiary Care Hospital In Kerala

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