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Last updated on 30 June 2021, 11.45am

Student support


Mentorship: — students are assigned junior faculty from each department as academic mentors to help and guide them during their learning process. Students are encouraged to approach these faculty on a regular basis through an interpersonal engagement that facilitates sharing guidance, experience and expertise.

Foster Family: — Apart from the academic training provided to the students, student nurturing is an important facet of the education and training at BCMC. Each student is provided with a ‘foster family’, a staff family to take care of them and to provide them a home far away from their home.

In this program, each faculty member takes care of a few undergraduate students and the student becomes a “foster child” of that family. This helps the students feel accepted and also helps them with problems they may face and also provides an emotional support for the students. This also fosters the “family” spirit, which is cherished and carefully nurtured by our institution. The mentor serves as a teacher, role model, resource, advisor, supporter, and advocate who works one-on-one with his or her protégé to guide and support him or her through education, training and life during his/ her undergraduate training.

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